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We help make your selection of IT Partner easy and uncomplicated.

We understand that signing up for an IT Support contract is a vast and complicated decision and often does not just end up being a decision about IT Support and Cyber Security Package Pricing and Cost but much more about the quality and security you get for what you pay. Our goal is to educate you with honest and transparent information to make your choice easy.

To help you, we've created some short videos to give you a good understanding of some of the different types of IT support providers offer. How much do they cost, why are they different, what kind of customer service will they give, and do they have the skills? We'll then show you what Novix IT offer and how we compare to the rest.

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IT Support and Cyber Security Types

What are the different types of Managed IT Services Packages?


Break-fix services are like the '911' of the tech world. Instead of taking the proactive route and keeping an eye on things, break-fix IT Providers kick in when something goes kaput or haywire in a company's IT setup. It's all about stepping in to lend a hand when clients need it, no strings attached.

Block Hours

Block hour services supposedly offer a "flexible" and pre-purchased arrangement between an MSP and a client. A specific number of hours is allocated for IT support and services. The idea is that businesses can have a fixed number of hours available to them, which they claim can be utilised for a range of IT-related tasks, including troubleshooting, system maintenance, software installations, or infrastructure upgrades.

Managed Services

Managed services are a game-changer! When you partner with a Managed Service Provider (MSP), they take on the responsibility of monitoring, maintaining, and securing your IT infrastructure. MSPs utilize advanced monitoring tools and technologies to detect and address potential issues proactively, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing downtime. Managed Services revolutionize IT operations by providing uninterrupted performance and reducing downtime allowing you to focus on what you do best. And of course, we are there when things go wrong!

What's included in our package

Now that you know what IT Managed Services are, below is a list of things included in our IT Support and Cyber Security Package Pricing

IT Support and Cyber Security is each when you reach out to our team via Email, Phone or Support portal where we can assist with great experience to troubleshoot and problem-solve super fast. Remote support covers software applications, hardware issues, network connectivity, security and general IT enquiries, and more!

One Package, One Solution.

Why is there only one IT Support and Cyber Security Package Pricing Plan to choose?

You may think, "This service sounds amazing, but I'm not sure I need all these services. Is there no other service option?"

The short answer is no, and your next question may be, Why?

At Novix IT, we believe in providing top-notch technical and customer services, with no exceptions. We refuse to compromise on our IT Support and Cyber Security Package Pricing to ensure we have the best employees and technology. We aim to deliver a five-star experience to our clients consistently.

If we had an option that costs less than our single, standard solution that has everything a business needs for IT and Cyber Security, we would be offering a lesser service to some of our clients. This is not acceptable to us.

As our business grows and scales, our clients need to know that what we do for them will not change but get even better than it already is!

We ensure that all our clients receive an equally high level of service delivery. Full stop.

What is excluded from the package

You may be wondering if anything is not included in our IT Support and Cyber Security Package Pricing?

  • Site Visits for Support

    You might think you need to have this as part of your plan, but as of today, you don't. We can now perform all of our services remotely, reducing our expenses and ultimately saving you money!

    This saves us on running costs of vehicles, insurance, fuel, and more, not to mention doing our bit for the environment.

    If you would like someone out to your office to visit for a response call or proactive visit, we can arrange this for you on our standard hourly charge of £85.

    You don't have to worry about additional fees for our meetings during our visits for account and technology business reviews, as they are already included in your package.

  • Bespoke Software Subscriptions

    We've designed our package to include everything a member of your staff is going to need to be aligned with what we think is best. Even then, there are going to be nuances with each business's requirements. You may need additional Microsoft 365 licenses for employees that perhaps just need an email address, or possibly your employees have more than one workstation.

    In these cases, we will additionally charge the licenses to you on your monthly managed service agreement for the number of extra licenses you need. We will fully manage your subscriptions for you as part of our service for any software you procure through Novix IT. We've got you covered!

  • Project Delivery

    Part of your IT journey from time to time will be to do some project work. Whether it is migrating your business to the cloud, getting cyber essentials certified, or upgrading your network, we will do things for your business to keep you modern, secure, and productive. Therefore it's essential you know the fees that will be associated with our project delivery.

    • Hourly Project Rate: £85
    • Project Day Rate: £680
    • Project Management Fee: £500
    • Consultancy Fee: £800
  • Day to Day Upgrades & Professional Services

    Your business will need to keep its devices up to date. Replacements will be needed from time to time for things like laptops, desktops, Network hardware, and so on. All of the types of devices will not work for your business out of the box. We need to prepare, configure and deliver them to you so they meet security standards and seamlessly integrate with the rest of your IT.

    Our technical expertise will take care of your device onboarding requirements as well as procurement and delivery. This is all charged at our hourly engineer rate of £75.

How do we compare?

How does Novix IT compare to other IT Managed Service providers?

This depends on IT Support company's price and package their offerings very differently. Unfortunately, there is no standard pricing structure for comparing your IT partners. The trend however is to package everything into one monthly price per employee for your business. This is how Novix IT has gone with its pricing, and even take it a step further!


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