Excellent Managed IT Support and Cyber Security

We help great companies simplify and take control of their IT.

As one of our IT Support and Cyber Security client's has said:

“Excellent services provided by this company! They keep our business up and running with minimal downtime, and their cybersecurity solutions ensure our data is always secure. Highly recommended!”

- Mario, Dischem Ltd

Poor IT Management and Security shouldn't slow down your business

We deliver IT Support and Cyber Security from Edinburgh to London and everywhere in between and around.  We’re passionate about providing secure and reliable Managed IT Services that make a real difference to your business with a cloud-first and security-first approach.

We know that regardless of the size of your business, IT can be a real challenge to manage and staying on top of your technology requires a multi-faceted approach, and that is where Novix IT are here to support you every step of the way, from advice on controlling costs to team training and certifications – we are here as your trusted IT partner to advise and help you.

Our Managed IT Services fix:

  • Performance & Technology Issues

    Incorrectly set up technology can cause poor-performing IT solutions that can drastically reduce productivity or even bring your business to a complete stop.   

  • IT Costs Control

    Technology solutions can often be one of a business's largest upfront or ongoing costs. We help you identify and understand your requirements so you only pay for what you need. Did we mention one solution and cost for complete cover?

  • Distraction from Your Business Priorities

    We know you don't want to be distracted by your IT as it's not what you do best, you want a Trusted IT Partner who will make sure everything works to allow you to get on with your work. Thats us!

Why choose Novix IT?

Should you choose us as your Trusted IT Support and Cyber Security Partner?

Work with Novix IT
  • 30+ years of experience

    We've been providing Managed IT Services to SMBs for over three decades. We've got you covered with excellent customer service, technical knowledge and vast experience.

  • Our mission is for you

    Our mission is to ensure your success. As a mature business, we believe that your success is our success. To achieve this, we prioritize putting you, our clients, and our teams at the centre of everything we do.

  • No complicated service plans

    One Price, One Solution, Complete Cover. Our single Managed IT Support and Security plan has everything your business will need now and in the future with no hidden costs.

  • We're super friendly

    Have you met us yet? If not, you should! Tell us if there is a friendlier and more professional IT Support company out there. And did we mention we have had 30 years to fine-tune our expertise, but also our client service? 

  • No geek speak

    IT Support and Cyber Security can be like another language, and you're probably not passionate about technology like we are. Don't worry; we will lay it out simply for you. 

What clients have to say about our Managed IT Services

When you love people and technology as much as we do, the results speak for themselves

“Excellent services provided by this company! They keep our business up and running with minimal downtime, and their cybersecurity solutions ensure our data is always secure. Highly recommended!”

- Mario, Dischem Ltd

We make your Technology and IT Strategy easy

By eliminating IT Support and Cyber Security problems from your business

Quick Response

We can solve most problems with remote assistance - no need to wait for a technician to arrive.

Highly Experienced

With over 30 years of experience helping businesses, we have gained incredibly valuable knowledge.

No Geek Speak

Our Clear Communication promise ensures you'll receive answers clearly and concisely.

Business Savvy

We have decades of experience working with businesses and growing as a business ourselves.

One Stop Shop

We handle everything - from hardware to software management and any other related tech needs.

Happy Clients

We take pride in ensuring all our clients are 100% satisfied with the service they receive from us.

How can you get started?

What should I expect when switching my IT Support and Cyber Security to Novix IT?

IT Meeting
1. Free IT Review

Start your journey with our free IT review, where we'll discover more about you and your business's IT

Network Assessment
2. Partner Up

After you've approved our proposal, we'll seamlessly implement our solutions so you immediately start benefiting from your partnership with Novix IT.

Plan Success
3. Success

Our Managed IT solutions will deliver successful results and allow your business to grow to meet your goals

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